Fashion Eidolon / Whitehack game

finished running my first OSR style adventure. used whitehack and liked it. my past xp w running systems is: apocalypse world, dnd5e, and ryuutama.

i was juicing for something methodical where each time increment/resource mattered so I smushed whitehack with some house rules (usage dice, visual inventory slots (alco drawed that up nicely here)) and made a cursed palace with lots of tables and modular overlapping events.

mysterious tunnels in the walls functioned as a valve for “off the map chaos traversal”. its good to have a hole players can go inside and roll on a table and see what happens.

I don’t think I’d go back to dnd after how fast and flexible this was. for ryuutama I’d borrow the aesthetic and travel rules and ditch the combat.

one thing i wasn’t mega sure on was first session player death esp if the players are invested in their cute monster girls so i played it like, your character gets fucked up physically or mentally.

it was extremely swingy where the gnoll merchant got her arm dismembered by a tower-roosting bat fiend halfway through then gibbed the satrap final boss in one shot at the end. i liked that.

gnoll merchant, pre-dismemberment

one of my favorite guys I made:

Fashion Eidolon

Looks like a mannequin. Wears bleached white luxurious fashion.

Attracted to whoever has the most fashion. Will try to make a deal with them, trading their clothes for an outfit summoned by the Fashion Eidolon.

Eats fashion, draining it until brittle and bleached of color.

Can’t eat its summoned outfits because they lack “historicity” (the more well-worn the fashion, the more nutritious). It summons very good clothes, but they are copies, not the original. Although sometimes a curse or intense enough memory will cling to the copy. It’s a good way to show players world history thru clothing or hook them into a corrupted fashion quest.

It prefers eating at least once a month but can hibernate in a famine.

Is a great seamstress and can fabricbend if fed.

If treated rudely or exploited, might zap you into a clowny
or otherwise stupid outfit, which may or may not be cursed depending on the Fashion Eidolon’s personality.

-Some are shy and sweet, just trying to make a good deal with you and get fed.
-Others can be more talky, critical, or bitchy on the state of your party’s fashion. Might make a few helpful adjustments to match your eye color, the season, etc.
-Only hostile if starved. Might eat the clothes/armor off your body.

used tabletop rpg map editor II which was pretty and nice to use but in the future i’ll probably use a whiteboard cuz i want that filthy feel

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