BL (Bug's Love) gameworld

he's an agent of INNOCENT!!


Perfect Tense is an agent of the anti-Ahrimanic organization INNOCENT. He loves the smell of bug spray, the way you might enjoy the toxic aroma of cigarettes or gasoline.

He is a reclaimed xrafstar of the cockroach type, but keeps it under control with the power of God, prayer, simple living, and invasive implants. He is addicted to sugar due to his rapid insectile metabolism and gets jittery without soda or sugar pills. He barely ever takes his skinsuit off and feels naked without it. He is extremely repressed and there is a monster clawing behind his eyelids.

His greatest asset? His winning smile, and being horribly mutilated in lots of different ways BUT HE JUST KEEPS GOING or God refuses his prayers for true brain death, whichever sounds more inspiring!

There are infinite Perfects in infinite timelines. Perfect can be ANYTHING. He is PUTTY in GOD'S HANDS. He is SHIT in AHRIMAN'S ASS. He wakes up from terrible dreams...

He is very attached to his psychiatrist/handler, and their shared love of exposure therapy. His handler is like the father he never had...the father MOST PEOPLE never had...