Leave the tomb behind\n\nand with all your stolen riches\n\n[[return|climb]] to the land of the living\n\n<<set $ft = 0>>\n<<set $r = 0>>\n\n<<set $skito = 0>>\n<<set $piss = 0>>
<<set $ft += 1>><<if $ft lt 208>><<set $r = Math.round(Math.random() * 6)>><<if $r eq 0>>[img[http://slimedaughter.com/games/twine/vines/images/r1.png]]<<endif>><<if $r eq 1>>[img[http://slimedaughter.com/games/twine/vines/images/r2.png]]<<endif>><<if $r eq 2>>[img[http://slimedaughter.com/games/twine/vines/images/r3.png]]<<endif>><<if $r eq 3>>[img[http://slimedaughter.com/games/twine/vines/images/r4.png]]<<endif>><<if $r eq 4>>[img[http://slimedaughter.com/games/twine/vines/images/r5.png]]<<endif>><<if $r eq 5>>[img[http://slimedaughter.com/games/twine/vines/images/r6.png]]<<endif>><<if $r eq 6>>[img[http://slimedaughter.com/games/twine/vines/images/r7.png]]<<endif>>\n<<insertion hoverft>><<print $ft>> ft<<endinsertion>>\n<<hoverrevise hoverft>>[[climb]]<<endhoverrevise>><<else>>[img[http://slimedaughter.com/games/twine/vines/images/ruin_cloud.png]]\n\n[[climb]]<<endif>>\n\n<<if $ft eq 1>>The stone is smooth, sun-warmed. Your fingers sink into the furry tangle of vines.\n\n<<replace "Test vines.">>You tug the vines. They should hold.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 2>>You leap up the wall.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 3>>Your gaze travels along the pink stone and plummets into the deep blue of the sky.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 4>>Sweat.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 5>>Climb climb climb.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 6>>You haul yourself up another tangle of vines.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 7>>The rich earthy smell of the jungle--dead leaves, mud from last night's rain, brilliant flower petals, all stewing in the humidity...<<endif>><<if $ft eq 8>>The loot is heavy on your back. You console yourself by imagining each pound as stacks of cash.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 9>>The pink quartz goblet will sell for a couple thousand at least, especially with that nice etching...<<endif>><<if $ft eq 10>>A turqoise bangle with ivory studs...depends on the market...<<endif>><<if $ft eq 11>>Maybe a hundred thousand for that giant fuck-off diamond. You ain't no, expert, but a rock that big...<<endif>><<if $ft eq 12>>Come to think of it, what are you spending all this loot on when you get back to civilization?\n\n<<cyclinglink $spend "mounds of cake" "impossible fashion" "greenhouse airship" "buy a church" "salmon pink cadillac with moss trim">><<endif>><<if $ft eq 13>>You're sweating dollar signs.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 14>>Climb climb climb.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 15>>Little purple flowers are blooming here and there all along the vertical meadow of the vines.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 16>>Sun beats down your back.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 17>>Your canteen sloshes with every twitch of your hips. You lick your cracking lips and wish you had a third hand.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 18>>Pollen swirls golden in the low breeze.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 19>>Leather straps dig into your shoulders.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 20>>You wish one of your gorgeous trained gorillas was here to carry your pack for you. Galileo would have sprung up this wall in 10 seconds, loot in one hand, you in the other.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 21>>But Galileo is busy inventing his own form of Latin, and Rembrandt had to visit his mother in the hospital.\n\nGorilla feelings threaten to overwhelm you.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 22>>Galileo is an important linguist. Rembrandt loves his mother.\n\nIt's okay to be alone sometimes.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 23>>You climb in silence.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 24>>Just the sound of your own breathing.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 25>>Something gives away under your fingers.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 26>>Little indentation in the wall. Inside is a <<replace "nest">>nest with little blue <<replace "eggs.">>eggs with brown speckles. :)<<endreplace>><<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 27>>You pull yourself up another span of vines, careful not to let your foot slip inside the nest hole.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 28>>The humid jungle smell fades, giving way to the clean scent of the sky.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 29>>A cloud drifts overhead.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 30>>The cloud's shadow chills you.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 31>>The cloud floats on. The sun falls back on your bare arms, sending delicious shivers across your skin.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 32>>Your cell phone rings.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 33>>You flex your dextrous hip, activating speakerphone.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 34>>"Hey. I miss you."<<endif>><<if $ft eq 35>><<cyclinglink $phone "Me too" "I miss you more" "Kind of busy right now" "Fuck off">>\n\nThe vines feel loose here.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 36>>"<<print $phone>>," you say.\n\n<<replace "Tensing your thighs, you execute a difficult cross-lunge to a stronger patch of mature adult vines.">>Your phone drops from your pocket, dislodged by a rambunctious pulsation of your musculature.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 37>>It falls, glints of sunlight flicking off the LCD as it spins.\n\nYou still haven't noticed.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 38>>Your phone crunches on the stone far below.\n\nYou look down.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 39>>"Shit."<<endif>><<if $ft eq 40>>"Fuck!"<<endif>><<if $ft eq 41>>Calm down.\n\nStill got the loot.\n\nYou can buy thousands of cell phones with this haul.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 42>>Sometimes, straining for footholds, you squeeze the vines so hard their skin breaks, sickly sap smearing your fingers translucent purple.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 43>>Your nose itches.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 44>>Can't scratch.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 45>>The wall curves with raised gecko carvings. Their backs are paneled with shiny mineral tiles, making them treacherous footholds.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 46>>Another vine.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 47>>Your bladder tingles.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 48>>A harpy flies past.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 49>>It disappears in the direction of the ocean.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 50>>The crystal crown in your pack digs against the leather, pressing into your spine.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 51>>You swing back and forth until the crown dislodges itself from your vertebrae.\n\nA few threads break on the seams of the pack.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 52>>Her voice, <<replace "heard for one crackling moment.">>heard for one crackling moment.\n\nShattered at the bottom of a 208 foot wall.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 53>>The pack swings back and forth.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 54>>The wall burns with the heat of the sun.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 55>>The vines are sparse here. Hard to get a grip.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 56>>A little blood drips down your wrist. Vines, cutting your palms, turning your hold slippery.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 57>><<replace "Gotta focus.">>Gotta focus.\n\nGotta get in that JC Penny state of mind.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 58>>You envision piles of Sephora cosmetics. White tiles. Glass case. 20 percent off fine jewelry.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 59>>Career Woman Khaki package with Ocean Mist Underarm Dab for midday refresh.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 60>>You can smell the fabric. See the tags strewn across the dressing room floor.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 61>>The pain is cutting through your focus.\n\nThin young vines, far too smooth, cutting into your hands like cord.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 62>>You blink and see a gift basket of bath salts, seashells, and scented soap.\n\n<<replace "Blink.">>The crackle of cellophane.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 63>>You're rolling the seashells around your flawless <<replace "palms.">>palms which are totally not being sliced up by vines right now.<<endreplace>>\n\n<<replace "Blink.">>You slip a turqoise bangle on your wrist.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 64>>The vines are thickening.\n\nYou dismiss your JC Penny focus fantasy. It's climb time.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 65>>This part of the wall is slick with bird shit. You climb around a stone outcropping smeared with feathers.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 66>>You wish your phone wasn't lying at the bottom of the ruin.\n\n<<replace "You">>You miss her.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 67>>You couldn't admit it at first.\n\nShe lives in a <<replace "different city.">>different city, hundreds of miles away.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 68>>But here, hanging in the sky, your self-deception seems cheap and cowardly.\n\nYour face flushes and you haul yourself up another foot.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 69>>If she were here, floating through the sky, you'd\n\n<<cyclinglink $act "hug her" "kiss her" "look away shyly">><<endif>><<if $ft eq 70>><<if $act eq "hug her">>She'd hold you tight and fly you to the top of the ruin.\n\nShe'd smell <<replace "so good.">>good because any way she smells, that's the smell you like.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $act eq "kiss her">>You'd let the wind hiss in the gap between her lips, your lips, then close it.\n\nHer mouth has a taste and one day she'll share it with you.<<endif>><<if $act eq "look away shyly">>You'd crush your face into the vines in embarrassment, deep red dark against green as her fingers creep over your shoulder and tug your face around and she'd--<<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 71>>But she isn't here.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 72>>She's very far away.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 73>>You're clinging to a ruin wall and the sun is hot and the vines are sharp.<<endif>> <<if $ft eq 74>>The harpy is flying back from the ocean.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 75>>It passes by, clutching a crab in its talons.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 76>>The crab has x's for eyes.\n\nThat means it's dead.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 77>>You climb.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 78>>Giant flies buzz around you, whizzing past your skin.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 79>>You hope that dead crab is okay.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 80>>Sweat trickles down your eyes, blurring your vision.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 81>>You fit your fingers inside a crack and drag yourself another foot.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 82>>A mosquito leisurely sets up a proboscus oil derrick on your nose and gets to drilling.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 83>><<cyclinglink $skito "shake your head" "slam your face into the wall" "use your unusually long tongue to flick it off">><<endif>><<if $ft eq 84>><<if $skito eq "shake your head">>You shake your head from side to side but the mosquito ignores you.<<endif>>\n<<if $skito eq "slam your face into the wall">>You slam your face into the wall, leaving a tiny mosquito blood splat and a big human blood splat.\n\nYour nose fountains warm blood down your neck, <<replace "soaking your tank top.">>soaking your tank top. <<replace "No worries!">>No worries! Dried blood brown is probably a great color for a bra anyways.<<endreplace>><<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $skito eq "use your unusually long tongue to flick it off">>Your tongue pops up in front of your nose like an obseqious pink slug paying a visit. The mosquito looks up.<<endif>>\n<<endif>><<if $ft eq 85>><<if $skito eq "shake your head">>The mosquito finishes probably giving you malaria and flies away.<<endif>><<if $skito eq "slam your face into the wall">>The blood stings your chest.<<endif>><<if $skito eq "use your unusually long tongue to flick it off">><<replace "Splat.">>Splat.\n\nYou spit mosquito and keep climbing.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 86>>This morning you were eating dragonfruit at the mouth of a jungle-choked tomb.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 87>>Cool shade, cool stones, cool fruit.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 88>>For a hallucinogenic second the salty saliva in your parched mouth turns to liquid sugar, fruit juice, dragon's nectar.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 89>>A coin slips from your pack.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 90>>You hear the distant, faint clink of metal on stone.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 91>><<replace "From here you can see the blue rim of the sea at the jungle's edge.">>From here you can see the blue rim of the sea at the jungle's edge.\n\nThe faintest hint of salt caresses your nostrils.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 92>>You considered coming by boat.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 93>>But the coast is dangerous this time of year.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 94>>So you rented a helicopter.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 95>>If only a smooth, copter-friendly surface had been closer to the tomb, instead of hundreds of feet in the air...<<endif>><<if $ft eq 96>>Your bladder <<replace "aches.">>feels like it's going to rupture your abdomen and drown some vines in hot yellow piss.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 97>>Your urethra feels like a water balloon with a dart puncturing it in slow motion.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 98>><<cyclinglink $piss "piss yourself" "hold it in">><<endif>><<if $ft eq 99>><<if $piss eq "piss yourself">>Warm wet piss soaks your jeans.<<else>>Your urethra clamps tight as the mouth of an offended lamprey.<<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 100>><<if $piss eq "hold it in">><<replace "Something warm on your legs.">>You're helpless to stop it.\n\n<<replace "Piss soaks your jeans.">>The breeze catches your piss and scatters it across the canopy, glittering droplets that fade from sight.<<endreplace>><<endreplace>><<else>>You lick your lips and climb another foot.<<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 101>>You waggle your tongue experimentally.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 102>><<replace "Nope.">>Nope.\n\nAll this stress still hasn't mutated your body into growing a hundred foot frog tongue that you can use to pull yourself to the top and end this nightmare.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 103>>Your pack groans under the strain. Probably isn't serious.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 104>>Just a few threads here and there.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 105>><<replace "RIP">><<replace "...">><<replace "...">><<replace "...">>Something shatters far below.<<endreplace>><<endreplace>><<endreplace>><<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 106>>Well that glass figurine was probably worthless anyways.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 107>>Glass comes from sand.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 108>>Deserts are full of sand. They're like sand oceans.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 109>>Sand is like dust with a superiority complex.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 110>>Therefore glass is bullshit.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 111>>Burning up in the sun.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 112>>You try to think of her, to summon her up in your mind like a ward against evil.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 113>>But in this viny hell, her face is blank and her voice is stolen.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 114>>You look inside your memory palace.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 115>><<replace "North Hall">>All the urns are shattered and her faces are hopping around like scorpions.<<endreplace>>\n\n<<replace "South Hall">>The paintings are all cheeseburgers.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 116>><<replace "West Hall">>Her statue is gone. In its place dances a <<cyclinglink $what "hot dog with a pitch fork solemnly declaring war on all your hopes and dreams" "shrieking bladespitting contraption puking double A batteries from a fur-lined battery compartment" "wobbling mound of pale low-poly flesh">>.<<endreplace>>\n\n<<replace "East Hall">>This place is full of oily black cubes.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 117>>What a terrible mind palace!<<endif>><<if $ft eq 118>>You resolve to build a moat and 100 arrow turrets for your mind palace once you get back to the air-conditioned peace of your bedroom.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 119>>There you will meditate in perfect solitude until no such fuckers can sneak inside your brain ever again.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 120>>A dragonfly darts past.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 121>>Your eardrums feel like the side of a house being paint stripped by a sandblaster.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 122>>You hope that tomb wasn't cursed.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 123>>Climb climb climb.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 124>>All these coins and gems are just a black hole at your back.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 125>><<cyclinglink $l1 "Scepters" "Crowns" "Pendants">>, <<cyclinglink $l2 "medallions" "bangles" "puzzle cubes">>, <<cyclinglink $l3 "daggers" "gauntlets" "masks">> rub your spine raw.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 126>>You feel like a shitty political cartoon right now.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 127>>Paint "GREED" on my ass in gold paint.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 128>>You imagine the pack exploding in a burst of gold coins and rainbow gems, cascading in slow motion to the hungry earth.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 129>>Blink.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 130>>If only you'd drank more water your whole life.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 131>>If only you'd remembered to brush your teeth.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 132>>A snail inches past, trailing slime.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 133>><<replace "Poke it with your nose">>You poke the snail and its eyestalks shrink into its head.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 134>>Your nose feels slimy.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 135>>The slime dries.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 136>>Your stomach growls.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 137>>Feeling kind of dizzy honestly.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 138>>Maybe you can eat a vine.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 139>>You heard they had vines around here.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 140>>At least one or two vines.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 141>><<cyclinglink $chomp "bite a vine" "slurp some ants" "wiggle your tongue to attract a small bird">><<endif>><<if $ft eq 142>><<if $chomp eq "bite a vine">>You sink your teeth into a juicy green vine.<<endif>><<if $chomp eq "slurp some ants">>Your tongue sweeps up hundreds of tiny black ants.<<endif>><<if $chomp eq "wiggle your tongue to attract a small bird">>Some birds search for red berries. Maybe you will catch such a bird with your tongue lure!<<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 143>><<if $chomp eq "bite a vine">>This sap tastes like death.<<endif>><<if $chomp eq "slurp some ants">>Ha ha ha ha! SLURP SLURP<<endif>><<if $chomp eq "wiggle your tongue to attract a small bird">>You flick your tongue back and forth.<<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 144>><<if $chomp eq "bite a vine">>You puke up everything in your stomach.<<endif>><<if $chomp eq "slurp some ants">>They start biting your tongue.<<endif>><<if $chomp eq "wiggle your tongue to attract a small bird">>Oh no no no no no.<<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 145>><<if $chomp eq "bite a vine">>Uhhhhhhhhhhh.<<endif>><<if $chomp eq "slurp some ants">>Now they're biting your gums, the back of your throat!<<endif>><<if $chomp eq "wiggle your tongue to attract a small bird">>That's a BIG BIRD<<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 146>><<if $chomp eq "bite a vine">><<endif>><<if $chomp eq "slurp some ants">>You swallow the last of them. Stomach acid will punish them for their insolence.<<endif>><<if $chomp eq "wiggle your tongue to attract a small bird">>IT'S GONNA TEAR YOUR WHOLE FACE OFF ABORT ABORT<<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 147>><<if $chomp eq "bite a vine">><<endif>><<if $chomp eq "slurp some ants">>Did you know? Ants are high in protein.\n\nIf you ever get hungry, just scoop your face along the ground for a tasty treat!<<endif>><<if $chomp eq "wiggle your tongue to attract a small bird">>Whew.<<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 148>>You bite your lip and crawl another foot.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 149>>The weather up here is so invigorating.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 150>>Must be the climb-ate.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 151>>You climb in silence.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 152>>The sun is setting.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 153>>The air is colder.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 154>>The jungle is stirring below as nocturnals stretch for the nightly hunt. Fruit bats flee a cave mouth like a breath of soot.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 155>>Just the sound of your breathing.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 156>>Fireflies turn the canopy into a field of lights.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 157>>You climb.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 158>>Just crawling up this horrible ruin wall, don't mind me.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 159>>What if you die and your skeleton just hangs out here, tangled in some vines.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 160>>Maybe some bugs will live in your skull.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 161>>"This Big Fat Human Brain will see us through winter!"<<endif>><<if $ft eq 162>>Wait. Jungles get monsoons, not winters.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 163>>Huh. That's not right. Maybe?<<endif>><<if $ft eq 164>>Was it tornados? Lava? Aren't all climates supposed to have at least one kind of event that cyclically purges all life?<<endif>><<if $ft eq 165>>Climb climb climb.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 166>>Vine vine vine.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 167>>A vast whispering sound.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 168>>You jerk your head back.\n\nJust empty air.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 169>>Wait.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 170>>Something is coming.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 171>>Across the jungle.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 172>>Like the specter of a tidal wave.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 173>>A wall of rain sweeps the canopy, turning treetops from dark to darker.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 174>>Your face is wet.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 175>>Your mouth opens gratefully to taste the sky.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 176>>The rain washes away the sweat.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 177>>Vines getting slippery with water.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 178>>Climbing wet tangles of slick leaf.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 179>>Vines smell so good in the rain.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 180>>Some music would be nice right now.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 181>>Where'd you leave that MP3 player?<<endif>><<if $ft eq 182>><<endreplace "Oh yeah.">>Back in the copter.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 183>>You focus on memories of music. Old melodies stir inside...<<endif>><<if $ft eq 184>>//We have to deal with the past//<<endif>><<if $ft eq 185>>//(Na na na na na)//<<endif>><<if $ft eq 186>>//I know it's painful but\nThere you'll find specialness//<<endif>><<if $ft eq 187>>//(Na na na na na)//<<endif>><<if $ft eq 188>>//Cause everybody needs to feel real special...//<<endif>><<if $ft eq 189>>The cold wind tears the song from your mind.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 190>><<replace "ggggggggggggghjjjjjjj">>sorry my finger slipped<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 191>>The vines are throbbing cords of pain. If you do not touch them, gravity will kill you.\n\nIf you touch them, your palms will scream again, and again, and again.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 192>>You imagine the vines as your nervous system grown wild with suffering, springing from your body to creep, tangle, overflow the ruin, and finally merge with the surrounding jungle.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 193>>Your rasping breath feels like a saw splitting your throat down the middle.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 194>>You try to remember the good times.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 195>><<if $piss eq "piss yourself">>pissing yourself<<endif>><<if $piss eq "hold it in"\n>><<replace "trying not to piss">>pissing<<endreplace>> yourself<<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 196>><<if $skito eq "shake your head">>probably getting malaria from that mosquito<<endif>><<if $skito eq "slam your face into the wall">>slamming your face into the wall to kill a mosquito<<endif>><<if $skito eq "use your unusually long tongue to flick it off">>crushing a mosquito with your agile tongue<<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 197>><<if $chomp eq "bite a vine">>when you bit a vine and puked up your whole stomach<<endif>><<if $chomp eq "slurp some ants">>when your tongue was brutalized by some ants<<endif>><<if $chomp eq "wiggle your tongue to attract a small bird">>when you tried to lure a small bird with your tongue and almost got your face ripped off by a big bird!<<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 198>><<if $phone eq "Me too">>when you admitted missing her for the first time<<endif>><<if $phone eq "I miss you more">>when you admitted missing her for the first time<<endif>><<if $phone eq "Kind of busy right now">>when she called you and you dropped your cell phone and you were all alone<<endif>><<if $phone eq "Fuck off">><<replace "when">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "you">>coward<<endreplace>> were<<endreplace>> <<replace "such">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "a">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "coward">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "you">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "yelled">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "at">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "the">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "one">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "you">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "love">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "instead">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "of">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "admit">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "your">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "true">>coward<<endreplace>> <<replace "feelings">>coward<<endreplace>><<endif>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 199>>This wall better not be some kind of metaphor.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 200>>A trail of bloody vines.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 201>>Night bugs fly with pollen in their grip.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 202>>Everybody needs to feel real special.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 203>>Starving, dehydrated, bleeding, piss-soaked<<replace "--">>--now all you need is one of those jungle anvils for the deluxe experience.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 204>>The wall is cracked here, vines hanging slack from loose stones.\n\n<<cyclinglink $move "crawl left" "crawl right">><<endif>><<if $ft eq 205>>You <<print $move>>.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 206>>Her face.<<endif>><<if $ft eq 207>><<replace "The pack is heavy and the vines are sharp.">>You have no room in this pack for her face.<<endreplace>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 208>><<endif>><<if $ft eq 209>>*<<endif>><<if $ft gte 210>>climbing 208 feet up the ruin wall\nby [[porpentine|http://slimedaughter.com/]]\n<<endif>>
a {color:#c5516b!important;font-size:110%!important;}\n\na:hover {color:#1e5537 !important;text-decoration:none !important;font-size:110%!important;}\n\n#passages{font-size:20px; font-family:'Open Sans';\nborder-left: 0px !important; margin:200px 0px 0px 200px !important;}\n\nbody {background-color:black !important;font-size:120%!important;}\n\n.passage{background-color:black !important;font-size:120%!important;opacity:1 !important;}\n\n#sidebar #credits:hover{color:#333;visibility:hidden;}#sidebar #credits a{text-decoration:none;visibility:hidden;}\n\n#sidebar {visibility:hidden!important;}\n\n#footer{display:none!important;}\n\n#toolbar{display:none!important;}\n\n\n.revision-span-in {\n opacity: 0;\n}\n.revision-span {\n transition: 1s;\n -webkit-transition: 1s;\n}\n.revision-span-out {\n position:absolute;\n opacity: 0;\n}\n\n.transition-out {\n display:none;\n}\n
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