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improvised munitions improvised munitions wrote on July15 in the hell 2024 at 9;42PM angeltime
your writing gives me the strength to care less about the things that don't matter and more about the things that do. 18 foot leash put new gyri in my brain and cunt toward enemy is like looking in a mirror. good work great work can't wait for more
rue a.d. rue a.d. wrote on July3 in the hell 2024 at 10;35PM angeltime
i played thru your twine game 'with those we love alive' today at the recommendation of my friend fran while under the influence of mushrooms and while i didn't learn anything about myself i didn't already know it is good to be reminded of these things. the last time i did mushrooms i read my girlfriend 'psycho nymph exile' until she came. i've broke up with her since then for reasons i'd rather not go into here but regardless i have come to view the book as an instruction manual of sorts on how to live one's life. i'm so happy i quit my job so i could read more even if it fucks up everything for me lmao. i hope you are doing okay these days ~ <3
Admin Reply by: xrafstar
it is good to reminded. the rediscovery never ends... nice to know the path a book can travel. i'm doing great, thank you ๐Ÿ’œ
crowdog crowdog wrote on July2 in the hell 2024 at 5;28AM angeltime
just devoured psycho nymph exile after I saw it mentioned in a youtube vid. kinda feel like part of my mind was devoured and shat out in a new shape (I absolutely mean this as a compliment). there's an absolute unreality to certain ways of existing in this world and even if mine isn't like vellus or isidol's there's still this kinship of Knowing and drifting in the same dissociated abyss. it helps. absolutely gonna be thinking about that one for a while + bound to dig into your other stuff too
Admin Reply by: xrafstar
yum yum abyss thank you ๐Ÿ’œ
diamondeyes diamondeyes from KC wrote on May22 in the hell 2024 at 7;46AM angeltime
Seriweak therapy girl here. Since reading Ive started to go by Tria with some close friends. Ive been wanting to shift to a more feminine name for a while now and there's something really nice and entrancingly personal about the circumstances of that name in the book. Ive also since moved halfway across the country and your work makes me feel so seen that my search for a new therapist is at least partially dictated by finding someone that I would feel comfortable talking about it with. You were right; it really is the first line of therapeutic intervention <3
Admin Reply by: xrafstar
Tria is a beautiful name, thank you <3 yes, it is so important to be able to talk about those things. I hope you find a good one and can feel understood.
arrioche arrioche wrote on March9 in the hell 2024 at 6;38AM angeltime
I read Serious Weakness about a month ago. Various subtle aftershocks are still resolving but the main effect was that some faultline finally gave way in my mind and now for the first time in my life I feel like a real human being. I cannot properly express my gratitude. Also... 1/3 of the way through, I was already at this point pretty disconcerted with how strongly and precisely I was relating to Trianon, and then his internal stream of consciousness spiraled off into "Tenser, said the Tensor." This was fucking terrifying for me, because I have also read The Demolished Man and I've gone into that song myself when stressed for ten years. Congratulations on the extraordinary hard read.
Admin Reply by: xrafstar
the Demolished Man is AMAZING. and i love The Stars My Destination, it has so many fun setpieces and such a killer chuuni mood. Bester is so FUN compared to other old writers. the last thing i read was Fondly Fahrenheit, also really good. iโ€™m so fucking pleased that the Tenser shit got you. there are all kinds of tiny, barely conscious decisions in writing a big book and most of the time you never know if they paid off. thank you for this message. i was filled with a big jagged happiness and gratitude that i can share things with others and have them be received, connections in a dark universe.
swampghoul swampghoul wrote on February20 in the hell 2024 at 11;08PM angeltime
i left my heart in the triple lamia contrition puzzlebox. thank you for a hundred disgusting perfect eternities, wishing you a hundred more.
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Impgarden Impgarden wrote on February3 in the hell 2024 at 12;29AM angeltime
I wouldn't be the same person, without your work. Thank you <3
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๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ happy
argosy argosy wrote on January21 in the hell 2024 at 12;34PM angeltime
It made me think about the body as an object, though in my head physicality is a process, too. I mean a specious present forever, individual suffering that eclipses the Human Experience... Or, I mean, the hyperobject that exists only in the parochial worldview but breaks it... Have you played Baroque (1998)? "Everyone is distorted, so I think itโ€™s a mistake to condemn anyone for their distortion" ... 666,666,666 angelic foetuses tortured into existence... I think you and your work are so cool. It felt like a new kind of experience with written media when I bought Serious Weakness on a whim late at night and finished it sometime the next morning, trying not to get carsick
Admin Reply by: xrafstar
baroque is so emotional ;; if i had to pick a line from a game to represent my work, it would be that one. everyone is born in hell... i'm glad you enjoyed serious weakness. carsickness seems like an appropriate status effect <3
drama free bitch drama free bitch wrote on January17 in the hell 2024 at 11;18PM angeltime
not to be a dramatic bitch but your work is why i want to keep living
Admin Reply by: xrafstar
thank you, i love when organisms live ๐Ÿ’œ
torque torque from toronto wrote on January11 in the hell 2024 at 8;33AM angeltime
your writing reads like bastardized mitski lyrics and this is the highest compliment i can give any worldly being. living or dead. mortal or immortal. you have this sorta fluid mastery over solid concepts that makes my brain liquify. everything i read from you is bath salts and datura. thank you for the best trip of my life. again and again and again
Admin Reply by: xrafstar
haha thank you for joining me on the endless bad good heaven hell trip bath salts and datura yessss never saw a solid i didn't think would be a better fluid <3
soliloquy soliloquy from golden, colorado, united states wrote on January11 in the hell 2024 at 7;13AM angeltime
i luv everything of urs ive spent time with. reality falls into an understanding shape and i am comforted as even my body reveals its cohesiveness.
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Voided Voided from Toronto wrote on December27 in the hell 2023 at 10;16AM angeltime
This is probably the best designed website I have ever seen.
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thanks ::)
Halia Halia from Flint wrote on December1 in the hell 2023 at 6;53AM angeltime
everything ive found here makes me feel something, and thats been so hard to do. even if its painful or sickening its magnificent. you make us want to create things
Admin Reply by: xrafstar
the world is full of images without sensation. i've often struggled to feel as well. thank you for saying it's magnificent. i'm so glad it makes you wanna make stuff!
evelin (harompe) evelin (harompe) from pรฉcs wrote on November29 in the hell 2023 at 12;43PM angeltime
Cool site! Rock on โœŒ๏ธโœ๏ธ๐ŸŒ›
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Faker Faker from DMV area wrote on November25 in the hell 2023 at 9;55PM angeltime
afraid i'm too much of a zoomer to know what to really put on a guestbook, but Charity's work has really made me feel ok for being the little brotherbug girl that i am, so i wanna say thank you for that, truly. no other artist gets my prostate scared as much as you <3 (/-^) <-emo kaomoji
Admin Reply by: xrafstar
that means a lot to me, thank you. love to terrorize the prostate. keep on brotherbug girling and anything else you ever wanna be!
ramiel ramiel wrote on November22 in the hell 2023 at 6;49PM angeltime
your stories always leave us wanting more
Admin Reply by: xrafstar
and more will come...bwahahahhAHAHAHA
fever fever wrote on September8 in the hell 2023 at 11;42AM angeltime
your stories are wonderful!! i love cunt toward enemy so much
Admin Reply by: xrafstar
thank you!!! ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฃ love your site btw! its amazing!
Gideon Gideon wrote on August30 in the hell 2023 at 5;33PM angeltime
There was something chained in me for years, something that longed to breathe air again and was finally given the chance to here. Thank you for that.
Admin Reply by: xrafstar
i'm so glad <3333 โ›“๏ธ๐Ÿฆ‹
Imafua Umbra Imafua Umbra from London wrote on August8 in the hell 2023 at 11;24PM angeltime
thank you for having an RSS feed!
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Lexi Lexi from Palo Alto wrote on August4 in the hell 2023 at 12;18AM angeltime
Ever since I read Serious Weakness and found the rest of your writing I have been capitivated. Truly adore your work like no other. The effect its had on me personally and how often it just seems to randomly pop into my head are a testament that you real have struck on something real.