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fever fever wrote on September8 in the hell 2023 at 11;42AM angeltime
your stories are wonderful!! i love cunt toward enemy so much
Admin Reply by: Charity
thank you!!! 💣💣💣 love your site btw! its amazing!
Gideon Gideon wrote on August30 in the hell 2023 at 5;33PM angeltime
There was something chained in me for years, something that longed to breathe air again and was finally given the chance to here. Thank you for that.
Admin Reply by: Charity
i'm so glad <3333 ⛓️🦋
Imafua Umbra Imafua Umbra from London wrote on August8 in the hell 2023 at 11;24PM angeltime
thank you for having an RSS feed!
Admin Reply by: Charity
Lexi Lexi from Palo Alto wrote on August4 in the hell 2023 at 12;18AM angeltime
Ever since I read Serious Weakness and found the rest of your writing I have been capitivated. Truly adore your work like no other. The effect its had on me personally and how often it just seems to randomly pop into my head are a testament that you real have struck on something real.
crisis crisis wrote on July10 in the hell 2023 at 11;43PM angeltime
you speak the secret language that only my heart speaks. how do you do this. it's not fair
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Magdalena Magdalena wrote on July1 in the hell 2023 at 10;17PM angeltime
Sacredness breaths through your being into the well of your work; thirsty, I have drank, thank you for the charity of sharing strife, being alive, we are glorious icons of the invisible and I burn brighter for the fuel this explosive lighter fluid moon liquor dripping from your written words.
Admin Reply by: Charity
iris iris wrote on June26 in the hell 2023 at 5;03AM angeltime
i would like to take a portion of your brain and study it then eat it. i hope you understand. thanks for everything X
a cute nausea a cute nausea from tucson wrote on June9 in the hell 2023 at 5;27PM angeltime
the first piece of art of yours i ever encountered was a headless selfie on tumblr, fragile on the floor, that read "machines are used to handle undesired objects: refuse, feces, and disabled trans bodies." it split my flesh instantly, the well of fermented pus and swallowed loathing in my swollen aorta now suddenly free to gulp down it's first savoring taste of searing oxygen. i've toddled silently after you in a daze ever since. maximum softness was the first time i felt like a broken and dangerous thing, crammed full to bursting with jagged unwanted violence, could still deserve to live. and i wept and cradled myself until the snot glued the pillow to my airholes. everything since--girl detective, vesp, revery, dog boys, living fucking creatures--has been a new razor fingernail sliding under the skin, red muscle cut out from under rotted tissue, weeping in gracious relief. bless you, terrified stranger i've accosted. bless you, bless you, bless you, unclean art for unclean cripples and queers, forever and ever, world without end. may the disinfecting squads find neither of our hiding places.
Admin Reply by: Charity
wow ;; sounds like an important cry thanks for following my stuff and telling me how you came thru it, glad it can bring some relief 💜
Aimee Aimee wrote on June7 in the hell 2023 at 6;55PM angeltime
Cunt Towards Enemy rules! Serious Weakness was gripping. Psycho Nymph Exile had beautiful imagery but I'm probably too cis to really get it. And the way highlighted text on your site glows radioactive is .
Admin Reply by: Charity
thanks for loving those!! 💜☣️
eris eris wrote on May27 in the hell 2023 at 4;44PM angeltime
definitely the good shit. destroying me in all the right ways making me yearn for more and inspiring visions for my own work.
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marylynn marylynn from bluffton wrote on May26 in the hell 2023 at 6;12PM angeltime
damn. shit's real here. works of art. crazy shit. damn.
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cassian cassian wrote on May14 in the hell 2023 at 10;35AM angeltime
your twine pieces were used in my university creative writing class last year. it changed the way i view and make stories. i loved psycho nymph exile. im loving serious weakness. makes me happy to be in my yucky skin suit, to see such awesome shit. <3
Admin Reply by: Charity
wow, from college to serious weakness, a beautiful and sordid path. thank you! love these slimy skinsuits! <3
swag swag from swag wrote on May8 in the hell 2023 at 5;47PM angeltime
webwebweb webwebweb wrote on April27 in the hell 2023 at 9;12AM angeltime
love your little slice of the internet you carved out here
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Alice Alice wrote on April27 in the hell 2023 at 2;00AM angeltime
So I just found your stuff today. I googled "mommy SHODAN" (I don't even remember why, something about how I don't know if I want her to step on me or to be her and step on people) and found Cyberqueen. I was just sorta expecting smut. I was simultaneously disappointed and not disappointed. I wasn't expected to be both turned on and disgusted like that. I then decided to check out the rest of your stuff, and so far it's all pretty much been making me cringe in the way that I used to reject, but after ceasing to repress my trans identity, I've come to realize that I actually like. Good shit, I'm an instant fan. I just wish the part of me that cringes at myself for enjoying it would die. Anyway, I bought Serious Weakness on and I'm gonna read it now. Also, Agent of Innocent looks fucking sick.
Admin Reply by: Charity
love when people find my stuff through random searches. a little bit of cringe can be a wonderful jouissance. thanks for reading!
dylan dylan wrote on January10 in the hell 2023 at 2;12AM angeltime
good words. good pictures. thank you for often sharing these things with the masses. sometimes i read your work in order to train myself to be less squeamish, because i have a full-body grimace that happens when i engage with words or imagery of wounds. your work is interesting enough that i can push through that. at the end of this message lies a final mysterious symbol of offering: 🎁 <- a mario kart mystery box.
Admin Reply by: Charity
woundtraining!! how thrilling! thank you for this gift...good luck with your agonism!
Dunkin Dunkin wrote on December19 in the hell 2022 at 1;34AM angeltime
Pure sensation. I had to turn off my overthinking and just soak until my skin got wrinkly with your words. I'm re-reading this immediately after my first read.
Admin Reply by: Charity
another macerated customer!! 😜
Rude Rude wrote on December18 in the hell 2022 at 1;47AM angeltime
custom sites are sick as hell found twines years ago and always come back i aspire to be this violently rad
Admin Reply by: Charity
love violence!!! thank you!!!
bjiru bjiru from ( Microwave ) wrote on December2 in the hell 2022 at 9;27AM angeltime
this site goes megatron dud. mtn art i especialyl liek, cool cool coo l cool. :3
Admin Reply by: Charity
thanks dewd! i stay decepticonmaxxing
ari ari wrote on October25 in the hell 2022 at 5;34PM angeltime
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