project chart

m/m | bomb defusal short story | mutilation, mindgames
stochastic violence? on MY penis??
⏹️⏹️⏹️⏹️❓ (working on second episode)

“Deadboy” 🪰
m/m | short INNOCENTverse game | boys, graveyard, maggots
the secret horney stage of grief
⏹️⏹️⏹️⬛ (beta testing)

“Lanugo” 👄
f/f | y2k horror novella | anorexia, oral, food, ryona
jerking off to Attack on Titan vore
⏹️⏹️⬛⬛ (half-done. on backburner.)

Agent of INNOCENT 👥
m/m/? | flagship INNOCENTverse game | boys, bugs, knees, wasps, fashion
survival horror dating sim for insane people
⏹️⬛⬛⬛ (alpha)

Queenright 🐝
boys, monster girls | hormone-gothic dark fantasy novel | brothers, bees, religion, corruption
what if Little Lord Fauntleroy fucked
⏹️⬛⬛⬛ (alpha reading)


I start/end projects without warning, nothing is guaranteed, but it’s cute to organize things.

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