2022 end of year post

Serious Weakness

the reaction to serious weakness was amazing…perfect…so happy. the outcomes i desired came true.

i’ve been sick a lot from the harsh winter but i will write a post about serious weakness and release the print edition in the new year.

thanks for loving it, it really thrived by word of mouth, infected gums, tongues black…
also, i never mind if people share copies with friends who can’t afford it or want to take it for a spin <3

Honeydew Toxicity Event

the aphid boy gamer syrup story that took the world by storm…

Soft Now

britney spears inhalant abuse inquisition x worm necromancer

-did album art for UGLY DEATH NO REDEMPTION ANGEL CURSE I LOVE YOU by Ada Rook + a bunch of other drawings
-made a little fanart page <3
-made a newsletter in case social media disintegrates even more than it has


this is basically the 10 year anniversary of me making art
i feel more connected to it than i ever did
thanks everyone i met through my stories this year and who gave their feelings 🐛💉🦟
i’m working on some sicko shit right now
sicko game…sicko book…
thank you 💜💜💜💜💜

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