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dylan dylan wrote on January10 in the hell 2023 at 2;12AM angeltime
good words. good pictures. thank you for often sharing these things with the masses. sometimes i read your work in order to train myself to be less squeamish, because i have a full-body grimace that happens when i engage with words or imagery of wounds. your work is interesting enough that i can push through that. at the end of this message lies a final mysterious symbol of offering: 🎁 <- a mario kart mystery box.
Admin Reply by: Charity
woundtraining!! how thrilling! thank you for this gift...good luck with your agonism!
Dunkin Dunkin wrote on December19 in the hell 2022 at 1;34AM angeltime
Pure sensation. I had to turn off my overthinking and just soak until my skin got wrinkly with your words. I'm re-reading this immediately after my first read.
Admin Reply by: Charity
another macerated customer!! 😜
Rude Rude wrote on December18 in the hell 2022 at 1;47AM angeltime
custom sites are sick as hell found twines years ago and always come back i aspire to be this violently rad
Admin Reply by: Charity
love violence!!! thank you!!!
bjiru bjiru from ( Microwave ) wrote on December2 in the hell 2022 at 9;27AM angeltime
this site goes megatron dud. mtn art i especialyl liek, cool cool coo l cool. :3
Admin Reply by: Charity
thanks dewd! i stay decepticonmaxxing
ari ari wrote on October25 in the hell 2022 at 5;34PM angeltime
Admin Reply by: Charity
mark mark from you know 🙂 wrote on October19 in the hell 2022 at 5;40AM angeltime
emblazoned 5ever
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SloughOfSloth SloughOfSloth wrote on October14 in the hell 2022 at 12;42PM angeltime
yr stuff makes me feel like a piece of art on display being gazed at and prodded and vandalized, thankyou ( the timeline that i made up for myself begins w getting off to cyberqueen in first pubescence, owe some(?)thing to that ) all love
Admin Reply by: Charity
that's beautiful, thank you. i'm proud something i wrote can be part of the history of others. and very interesting for art to make someone feel like art!
zoja zoja wrote on October12 in the hell 2022 at 7;35PM angeltime
damn I lost myself on the internet ! I like your work tho 🙂
Admin Reply by: Charity
a good place to get lost ⛰🌲 thank you 😌
abby abby wrote on September3 in the hell 2022 at 7;31AM angeltime
just visited the rat shrine for the first time in ages (made 2 offerings for my beloved) but i cant hear the beautiful music or see anyone's comforting offerings anymore !! come back :(((
Admin Reply by: Charity
it's so old the technology must have become partially obsolete and no longer recognized by modern browsers, but that's in keeping with shrines. they fall into ruin and grow over with moss. perhaps you can make your own shrine in whatever form you deem best. thanks for using it in its lifespan <3
Monty Monty from over th rainbow... wrote on August23 in the hell 2022 at 9;42PM angeltime
your wor(l)ds and lights clang and resonate and rev up my busted little glockenspiel heart. thank you, thank you, thank you. love and joy and life to you and to your loves, in all places in all times 💕
Admin Reply by: Charity
thank you for this very sweet encouraging message it revs me up! <3
Chara L Chara L wrote on August7 in the hell 2022 at 10;34PM angeltime
I love your work. So much of it haunts me for so long. My guru thinks a lot of it is unhealthy, symptoms of hell, and I wished there was a way for you to be somewhere brighter. But maybe you are. Please be well. ❤💔
Admin Reply by: Charity
thank you! i am much happier and healthier for placing my fears and pains outside of me instead of internalizing them. i share them with others and we feel less alone, i am paid to do what i love and what i am skilled at, and i have good interpersonal relationships. if that is unhealthy, i don't know what to tell your guru. enlightenment comes from looking clearly at things without deception. i do not think i am better than the lowly things of this world, i do not pretend i am not connected to everything that lives.
[0]__[o] [0]__[o] from right behind u..... wrote on July26 in the hell 2022 at 5;06AM angeltime
>:DDDDD ^___^ :3 :3 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈your now haunted......reblob gthis in 5 seconds or u wont
anime anime wrote on June21 in the hell 2022 at 8;21AM angeltime
oooooooou gwo gwo gwo gwo gwa gwa gwa gwa
mnemosynny mnemosynny wrote on May14 in the hell 2022 at 6;28PM angeltime
what will all the people do? it's abject, it's angrysad, it's not enough mp... are you ever outside of people, of human, in something else? thank you for your art <3
Admin Reply by: Charity
definitely <3
KittyCatCreatureChimera KittyCatCreatureChimera wrote on May3 in the hell 2022 at 4;58AM angeltime
I’ve been admiringly reading your work whenever i come across it for quite a bit of time.. since the text adventure about the bug empress i think. I’ve always felt a sense of invitation from your prose, hands reaching, a sort of come along, come along. I always do come along.
Admin Reply by: Charity
morgan (mid tier name) morgan (mid tier name) wrote on March6 in the hell 2022 at 10;53PM angeltime
glad i found this website during my ongoing existential crisis in a world that lusts for violence/liberal capitalism, it's really helping me reject my humanity ❤
Admin Reply by: Charity
fuck liberal capitalism!!! get chimerasized! 🧫<3
Trebuchet Trebuchet from Farferdel wrote on February14 in the hell 2022 at 10;31PM angeltime
The gate of the rat shrine always opens when the clock strikes twelve. Yet the shrine itself is unresponsive. the fire burns but there is no heat. I still come to the shrine in the hopes that the heat may one day return and the offerings may be accepted once more
Admin Reply by: Charity
😭 ancient shrines may someday decay, but at least it provides a beautiful ruin. the shrine lives on in other things.... 🙏
mrn mrn wrote on January18 in the hell 2022 at 8;34AM angeltime
slime daughter carries me through ten years of transsexual forest. im praying for ten more
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Secco Secco wrote on December28 in the hell 2021 at 6;46AM angeltime
your work is so fucking important to me thank you for doing what you do and i hope you're having a nice day bc you are a Good Lady
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woob woob from woob wrote on December16 in the hell 2021 at 7;00AM angeltime
thank you. for what, i'm still slowly figuring out out for myself. but thank you