Xrafstarverse + Fanart

some pics for a game i’m working on…

gotta have dice because its important for the player to understand their fate is at the whim of cruel, capricious forces beyond themselves

a lesser peacock angel
his ostentation hunts xrafstar, paralyzing them with eyespots and slashing them with talons
but they are vulnerable when alone, and their body parts are highly valued in the ritual market

pierced by a javelin. ohrmazdian or ahrimanian in nature? there’s probably a “heated metal” type entity, which is fundamentally civilizational but gets corrupted as ahrimanean in the public mind…cauterization is nullifying which is ahrimanean but branding is civilizational which is ohrmazdean. one for the scholars..


from my vacation
i love my gf so fucking much. every day im so happy she exists


fanart of my cover art for rook’s album UGLY DEATH NO REDEMPTION ANGEL CURSE I LOVE YOU
so toxic and good. i havent had a lot of fanart of my visual art so it made me extra happy 💚☣️

fucking amazing, thank you 💜👁👁👁 feels like psycho nymph exile was rediscovered years after it was published and the way it still hits people means a lot to me

well…back to working on my game and editing my novel to inflict more wounds on the masses for their glorious hormesis 🐛🔪🐛

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