2020 charity roundup

Multi-Species Girl Ricecorn Grazing
agricultural seminar with helpful picture and text

Madness of the Coastal Structure
hypercard inspired dumbass adventure rpg. the most “gamey” game i’ve made.

Aging Out
are you using the new calendar or the pre-war calendar?

Dirty Wifi
short story for Strange Horizons about the internet as water

“a florid boys adventurish bildungsroman entry in my weaponwoman oeuvre”

We Will Play For You
micro piece for Surfaces

lil comic + game about two mercenaries

Liquid Dungeon Byproduct
did writing for this lil infinite dungeon by tabitha nikolai

Respirable PM4
while the fires were poisoning the air and i was stuck inside i wrote a fanfic combining all the cartoons my gf showed me

4/4 Sluts With Trample
random man press kindly approached me about making a visual art book. i think i still have a lot of “getting better” to do with visual art but im flattered they wanted to compile my efforts “thus far” + packaged each copy with a trading card which is rly charity-core.

this year i probably drawed the most pics i’ve done. you can see on my picture page or twitter or insta. i especially like the recent ones with irl scenes drawn over.

i spend a lot of time looking for the right image to “scintillize”. it has to have the perfect quality of sterile emptiness and hideous aspiration. these images are the equivalent of antibacterial soap, breeding stronger bacteria (me).

the sound system /home entertainment model rooms in places like Best Buy are perfect for this. also interior design websites. but most pictures like that don’t have any humans in them, which is the entry point to scintillization, or if you find pictures with humans in them, they’re watermarked stocked images. 🔎

it also needs high enough resolution + the right quality of light + camera angle + low surface reflectivity for the characters to enter the world.

got sucked into longform writing, which i’ve been working toward for the last couple years, but this was the first year where i got coherent work done and which my “secret reading slaves” seem to extra enjoy.
hoping to have at least 1 novella out in 2021.

this has been a brutal year to survive but im glad i did and grateful to my friends and the people who inexplicably support my presence on this earth

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